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Eickelit – As individual as your requirements.

Application oriented products.

For several decades we have been delivering sophisticated
products for polishing, grinding to clients of these sectors of industry:

Kitchen/furniture manufacturer:

kitchen frontages, fittings,
accessories, chair feet made of
aluminum die cast, holders,
wood polish (surfaces and
moulded parts)

Car/automotive industry: inner linings, hub caps,
(head-)lights, mirrors, frontages
Manufacturer of household goods: stainless steel table ware,
tea pots, cans, trays, silverware, chandeliers
Musical instrument manufacturers: instruments made of wood or metal, components, accessories
Sanitary industry: taps, fittings
Building industry and their suppliers: building hardware, lock components, pipe bends, T-pieces
Manufacturers of medical products: artificial limbs, orthotics, surgical instruments, plastic parts
Manufacturers of tools: tool components and tools as a whole
Motorcycle/bicycle manufacturers: frames, rims, accessories, spare parts
Boat industry: boat fittings, prefabricated components, spare parts
Watch manufacturers: individual parts (f. e. cogged wheels), watchcases
Lamp manufacturers: lamp shades and booms
Defense industry: components for guns/rifles

Furthermore our Eickelit grinding and polishing wheels are used for deburring of cogged wheels or other small components or the production of gift articles.

Caution! If a wheel or brush that you require is not listed among the following products, we are ready to customize an individual solution upon request.