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Polishing "on a large scale"

For rough and high polishing of large parts and component sheets you’ll find here our special tool: the Eickelit-EFFEKTA polishing mop.

It is equipped with either untreated cotton or flannel molton according to application requirements. Due to the irregular structure of its pleats, the Eickelit-EFFEKTA is able to form a very elastic and flexible fabric. During operation this fabric tends to "flare out" toward the outside and is finally larger than the inner core.

This enables several single Eickelit-EFFEKTA wheels to be combined into a polishing roller of any size for an even, streakless surface.
Up to 12 mm wide spacer plates can be inserted between the single wheels without leaving any traces on the outer polishing edges.

Eickelit-EFFEKTA polishing wheels are available with a diameter from 150 – 980 mm.
Suited for all types of manufacturers and own brand rolling and polishing machines the polishing wheels are fitted with the appropriate bore hole.