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Products made from abrasive non-wovens

These products are suitable for grinding and frosting of many different surfaces, removing of small surface defects or corrosion and/or cleaning of workpieces, deburring of surfaces or edges etc.

The basic material of these pads are synthetic threads, resin and abrasive grain. The combination of these components creates a very flexible and open material with a three-dimensional structure in which the grain is spread very evenly. This structure ensures consistent results and a maximum of flexibility.

Because they are this flexible, these wheels can perfectly adjust to all surfaces and shapes of your workpieces without negative influence on it.
Due to the open texture the heating of the workpiece is reduced to a minimum and therefore it won’t change colour or shape. These wheels can be used either dry or wet, with oil or a gentle cleanser.

All products of this category are exceptional concerning their service life with consistent results.