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The solution of your surface problems:
The Eickelit-"Allround" grinding and polishing kit!

This kit contains nine different HD tools – from ordinary grinding to ultra-fine high gloss.

The methods of how to obtain a really shiny surface have long been known to industry,
and are now available for holders with 6 mm mandrels.

Fast and easy for everyone: Countless application possibilities around the house, car, motorbike, or gardening tools, for the removal of all types of rust or the pretreatment of scratched or bare surfaces as well as the removal of all types of rust.

All tools use a 6 mm mandrel for insertion in a chuck or a flexible shaft. Speeds should be around min. 2,800 rpm and max. 5,500 rpm so as to guarantee optimal grinding and/or polishing results at any stage.

In order to make you independent of any technical limitations, the kit also contains the necessary pretreatment and high gloss compound plus another three different clamping adapters, compatible with all customary machines.